Inverter Technology in Washing Machine – Explained!

Here we are referring to the washing machine that can run on the home inverter. Generally, the Washing machine has a motor that is designed for a fixed load and operates most efficiently when running at the optimum load. But a washing machine with inverter technology allows the motor to run at a speed that is optimum for the load in the washing machine. The inverter motor is brushless, so it uses less energy that motors found in the conventional washing machine.

EER (Energy efficiency ratio) also associated with this technology.

Which brands manufacture the inverter washing machine?

These days when we go to the market to buy any appliance, we are loaded with option. Finding the right one that fits our need and is also efficient may be challenging. This article is to provide you with a list of“Best Inverter Washing Machine” (top load and front load), that can help you to understand the various technologies available in the market, which is more energy efficient.

Some of the top brands manufacturing Inverter Washing Machine:

* LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine

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* SAMSUNG Smart Inverter Washing Machine

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* BOSCH Smart Inverter Washing Machine

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* IFB Smart Inverter Washing Machine

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* WHIRLPOOL Inverter Washing Machine

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Here you get both the front and top load machine with invertors technology. Also, they have a semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine with super new inverter technology.

How Technology works in Washing Machine?

In the case of the washing machine, inverter motor means greater efficiency, ultra- long life and quick wash cycles. Noise and Vibration levels during spinning and washing are also much lower.

It is assembled on the motor armature magnets, the speed of the motor depends on the voltage applied to the stator winding voltage is applied not directly from the network and is converted by the inverter. This makes it possible to control the engine speed.

Why people welcome Inverter Technology?

With more and more people using energy-effective appliances to help to slow down environmental degradation, manufacturers are promoting inverter technology as a way to reduce power consumption and conserve valuable but limited resources.

Hence, manufacturers offer an extended warranty period of nearly ten years on these machines.

What are the advantages of Inverter Technology?

The motor is brushless, so it runs much cooler and uses less amount of energy than compared to the motors found in the conventional washing machine. Having a number of moving parts in these brushless motors, giving them a longer lifespan.

It gives greater efficiency, ultra-long life and quicker wash without any noise and vibration levels during washing and spinning.

These motors do not have movable parts like belts, shafts and gears. So they require less maintenance and also consume your time cleaning the clothes.

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