Best Tds Meter For Water Testing In India

Kajal | 09-12-2023

With so many Best Tds Meter For Water Testing brands on the market – from prominent names like KONVIO NEER,WELLON,ApTechDeals,IONIX,HM Digital to smaller manufacturers – making the right choice can feel overwhelming. But we’re here to help simplify your search for the best product.

We extensively tested and evaluated dozens of top-rated Best Tds Meter For Water Testing across various price points, spending over 100 hours comparing the contenders side-by-side. Based on our in-depth first-hand research, we compiled this list of stand-out Best Tds Meter For Water Testing to consider. Our top recommendation is KONVIO NEER Best Tds Meter For Water Testing for its uncompromising quality and performance.

Below you’ll discover more of our favorite Best Tds Meter For Water Testing picks. And be sure to consult our buying guide for expert insights on selecting the ideal product for your individual needs and budget. With us guiding your decision, you can shop confidently knowing you’ve chosen an exceptional Best Tds Meter For Water Testing you’ll truly love.

Editor's Pick
Konvio Neer
Konvio Neer
Premium Pick
WELLON Pocket Digital LCD TDS Water Quality Tester
WELLON Pocket Digital LCD TDS Water Quality Tester
Budget Pick
Aptechdeals TDS Meter
Aptechdeals TDS Meter

Top 6 Best Tds Meter For Water Testing

We researched and compared the top products in the best tds meter for water testing category to provide you with these recommendations.

1. Konvio Neer

Konvio Neer

Konvio Neer

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  • Total Dissolved Solids Meter Monitor the water you consume is Good for Your Health or Not. You can also measure Input and Output Total Dissolve Solid of the water purifiers and filters.
  • Konvio Neer Meter Use intelligent detection chip, which can be read on the digital screen of Total Dissolve Solid instrument within few second. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the meter will automatically turn off to conserve battery power.
  • Wide Use of Total Dissolve Solid Meter and it is Ideal tool for testing drinking water, aquariums, RO/DI systems, Hydroponics pool, etc.
  • Konvio Neer meter is equipped with high-quality titanium alloy probes and reliable automatic temperature compensation to ensure that accurate readings are always maintained at various temperatures.; Package Contains: 1 Total Dissolved Solids Meter, Battery included and User Manual
  • Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis; Warranty Description: 6 Months; Included Components: Total Dissolved Solid Meter

2. WELLON Pocket Digital LCD TDS Water Quality Tester

  • The quick results tells you about the water/solution in a way which is easy to read and understand from the large display screen

  • Taking temperature measurements once the meter is on, the temperature function can be used at any time, in or out of liquid

  • Press the temp button and display will switch to temperature which shows temperature in celsius when wish to return to TDS mode, press the TEMP button

  • Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis; Included Components: Water Quality Tester/Meter With Carry Case And Temperature Display

3. Aptechdeals TDS Meter

Aptechdeals TDS Meter


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  • Includes a carrying case with belt clip.

4. IONIX TDS Meter

  • TDS range: 0 - 990ppm (mg/L), Accuracy: +/- 2%
  • TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, which are the inorganic salts and organic matter in a liquid. This includes calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc.
  • Do not immerse meter in liquid beyond the maximum immersion level of 4 cm.
  • Do not store meter in high temperatures or in direct sunlight.
  • Battery: 2x LR44

5. HM Digital Pocket TDS Meter Water

HM Digital Pocket TDS Meter Water

Hm Digital

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  • This is a digital TDS meter tester for testing the purity of water
  • This item can be used in water purifiers and filters, food (vegetable, fruits) drink quality monitoring, pools, spas, aquariums and hydroponic
  • The product comes with Hold Function and a Built-in digital thermometer for temperature measurement
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology


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