Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair In India

Kalpana Munshi | 09-12-2023

Looking for some of the best Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair? As you may know, there are dozens of brands available in the market such as proscenic,Irobot,Eufy,pureclean,WYZE and some come with vastly different price tags. Let us help you out here – we have handpicked the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair for you.

To compile our list, we’ve researched and evaluated a range of the best-selling products on the market. We recommend proscenic Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair as our top pick because of its exceptional overall performance. Want to explore more options? Read on! There’s also a buying guide to help you make a wise shopping decision.

Editor's Pick
Proscenic M8 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Proscenic M8 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Premium Pick
iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum
Budget Pick
eufy by Anker, RoboVac G20, Robot Vacuum
eufy by Anker, RoboVac G20, Robot Vacuum

Top 8 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

We researched and compared the top products in the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair category to provide you with these recommendations.

1. Proscenic M8 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Proscenic M8 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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  • Advanced Laser Technology -Laser Distance Sensor ( LDS ) allows the robot to scan its surroundings at 360 degrees day and night. It will dynamically plan the cleaning route in real time. You will clean the house in one pass and in the fastest way, without leaving a single centimetre left to clean.
  • Specific Room Cleaning Schedule -Upgraded laser navigation system remembers your home's layout and creates real-time maps of the entire house, once your home is mapped, you can set cleaning schedules for specific rooms or zones at any given time via smartphone app.
  • Smart App & Voice Control -You can see exact mopping and vacuuming routes, set No-Go Zones, No-Mop Zones, No-Go Lines, adjust suction power and water flow, make a schedule for specific rooms all in Proscenic App. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant allows you to control the vacuum cleaner by voice command.(Only supports 2.4G network)
  • Unbeatable Vacuuming & Mopping- Vacuum and mop simultaneously for a deeper clean. The high capacity battery reaches up to 130 minutes of run-time, 4 adjustable water flow levels can quickly dissolve and clean stubborn stains.
  • Auto Carpet Boost -M8 robotvacuum cleaner comeswith 3 levels of adjustable suction power (Max 3000 Pa) meets your different cleaning needs. It alsowill automatically increases suction to the max mode when a carpet is detected.

2. iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

  • Crafted with care

  • It is designed keeping your choice and requirement in mind

  • Hassle-free usage

3. eufy by Anker, RoboVac G20, Robot Vacuum

  • Efficient Cleaning: With Dynamic Navigation, RoboVac G20 methodically cleans your floors for better coverage than random-path vacuums.
  • 5 More Suction Power*: With 2500 Pa suction strength, RoboVac G20 easily cleans daily messes. *Compared with RoboVac 10.
  • Powerfully Quiet: At 55 dB and no louder than the hum of a microwave, RoboVac quietly cleans while you go about your day.
  • Ultra-Slim Design: Being only 2.85 inches tall, RoboVac easily glides under hard-to-reach areas like sofas, dressers, and beds.
  • Convenient App Control: With the EufyHome app, you can accomplish all your vacuuming needs from wherever you are with zero effort.

4. iRobot Roomba 981 Robot Vacuum

  • Crafted with care

  • It is designed keeping your choice and requirement in mind

  • Hassle-free usage

5. Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum


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  • SCHEDULED ACTIVATION: Keep your home quiet and peaceful Programmable scheduler self activation automatically runs vac at any scheduled time while you are away Robo cleans tile, hard carpet and hardwoo
  • AUTOMATIC RECHARGE DOCK: The robot vacuum seeks the charging dock after it is finished or on low battery - Built-in rechargeable battery allows for 90 minutes of cleaning before returning to the elect
  • DUAL ROTATING BRUSHES: the robotic floor cleaner has 2 side sweeper brushes extend the reach of the vacumn and rotate to catch dirt and debris on open floor or along walls or edges in your house
  • LOW MINI PROFILE: the wireless vacuum robot features a 31? low profile will travel through any room and is small enough to fit under the couch or bed in your house The robo vac has auto detect anti fa
  • ALLERGY AND PET FRIENDLY: Powerful 24w suction and dual rotating sweepers eliminate the need for rotating underbrush No clogging or caused by cat or dog hair Hepa filter is great for allergies Fine pa

6. Wyze Robot Vacuum Home Cleaner

  • PRECISION LIDAR MAPPING & EFFICIENT CLEANING -The Wyze Robot Vacuum knows your home better than you. It features seven sets of sensors to map your home, navigate around obstacles, and avoid falling downstairs. It uses the most advanced Lidar sensor to scan your rooms in seconds and navigates a neat path for each room, using straight-line movements to vacuum hardwood and carpet.
  • SMART & APP CONTROL- You can select a room and send your Wyze Robot Vacuum out for an impromptu cleaning. Have cords under your desk? Dog bowls in the corner? No problem. You can create a "No go zone" to tell your cleaner machine where it can't go.
  • 2100PA POWERFUL SUCTION - A high-torque brush roll, a side brush for edges, and 2100Pa suction power to get the tough stuff. Three modes of Quiet, Standard, and Strong are available in the Wyze app to clean the embedded dust, dirt, crumbs, and pet hairs correspondingly.
  • MULTI-SURFACE VACUUMING - Wyze Robot Vacuum cleans all surfaces, hardwood floor, and high pile carpet. The robotic cleaner can cross height gaps up to 0.8 in (20 mm) to clean across any road bumps.
  • AUTOMATIC SELF-CHARGING & 110 MINS RUNTIME - Wyze Vac runs up to 110 mins on a single charge. It will drive itself back to the charging station after it has finished its path. Or, if the battery gets low during cleaning, it returns for a charge before picking it back up right where it left off.

7. ecozy LD200B Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

  • Precise LiDAR Navigation: Advanced smart LiDAR navigation provides efficient Z-shape cleaning route planning and bypass obstacle accurately, SLAM algorithm helps recognize the layout of your home and build real-time smart maps
  • Powerful Suction: 3500Pa suction power lifts dirt and long pet hair easily, automatic carpet boost for deep cleaning, 4 suction modes (Super Quiet; Gentle; Standard; Super Strong) are adjustable depending on the dirty level of floor
  • Effortlessly Cleaning Process: Equipped with individual extra-large 600 ml dustbin and 400 ml water tank, preventing dirty mopping and leaking issues. Do not need to constantly empty or refill, maximizing cleaning efficiency
  • EcozyHome App and Voice Control: The EcozyHome App allows you to adjust suction power, water distribution, monitor battery level, and real-time running location. You can also arrange a reservation cleaning time. Supporting Alexa and Google Assistant voice control that frees your hands
  • Multi-floor Mapping: Save up to 5 levels of maps, including individual rooms, No-Go Zones, No-Mop Zones, and invisible walls for total control of where and when your robot cleans

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